About me
Where it once started by a given computer in 2002 with 2mb and windows 3.11, I started looking in and outside that computer. It got me closer to the work I love to do today, building a computer that is able to design.
Self-taught I started making my first images in 2002, next standing to my written poetry in Dutch. In 2005 I started to publish them into the internet.They were drawings and pictures I had transformed with Paint Shop pro. The more I learned, the more I wanted to design them myself. Still I am learning...

In this way Aqua1955 came to existence. Clear and simple poetry that was and is to understand by everyone. It is also the name I use inside the world to get around and the name I used to publishing my book.
That book was published in 2006. It is called translated into English language:
"Navigating on dreams and thoughts"
The art I make today works both ways. A picture gives a thought and a thought will give that picture. I hope you enjoy what you will see and please forgive me when you find words, which are wrong spelled or written. Still learning ;)

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